Described as the “Burning Man of Asia,” Wonderfruit has become one of the most unique and immersive festivals in South East Asia. Combining a stellar selection Asian and international live acts, music, and art. Every year you will find some of the world’s finest DJs. Wonderfruit describes itself as a creative solution to sustainable living. From personal experience, Wonderfruit is impressive, very impressive. From the captivating arts, talks and workshops to the diverse music acts, Wonderfruit offers an array of activities.

To best describe Wonderfruit, you need to think of the original banana pancake trail and take on board some true hippie values. Before adding a sprinkle of Glastonbury Arcadia alongside a generous spoon full of Burning Man. Then add a sprinkle of boutique chic. This four-day festival combines music, art, theater, and food. Making it much more than a list of bands and DJs to see. This is a festival that can impact on all of your senses.

One of the contributing factors to Wonderfruits all round amazingness is its location. It’s not the most beautiful or inspiring location. But it is intriguing. Based in Thailand only 150 kilometers from Bangkok. Wonderfruit has found it’s self a strange home. The festivals home is Siam Country Club. Situated on the edge of Asia’s most sinful city, Pattaya. Any google search on Pattaya will throw up images of Go Ga bars, ladyboys and the repugnant smell of sex tourism. It is amazing how Wonderfruit has managed to take hippie values and drop them like a giant love bomb on the edge of sin city.

Siam Country Club is an impressive location. What is more impressive is the transformation performed on this site by the Wonderfruit organizers. Each stage and arena has been designed by world-class artists. With every structure, sculpture, and item of decor being made from sustainable materials. Even the wall separating the boutique style toilette’s has been made from giant dried leaves.

wonderfruit festival art 2

One of the highlights of Wonderfruit is the solar stage. This giant sustainable structure has been designed to be climbed. There is a DJ in the heart of the structure spinning beats. As partygoers climb, dance and worship the sunrise. You will find your self in a heavenly and spiritual place. Forget the full moon parties. This is one of the most inspiring sunrise parties I have experienced in Asia.

wonderfruit festival art

My personal highlight was The Quarry stage. This is the after dark venue where the majority of the international DJ roster comes to play. The entire area is inspiring with incredible sculptures and decor that are as much as an assault on your eyes as the incredible Soundsystem is on your ears.

The live music stage is equally as impressive with a roster of international acts performing alongside some of the finest live acts I have experienced in Asia. Wonderfruit provides a global roster of artists that has included De La Soul, Rudimental, Little Dragon, and The Young fathers.

Then comes the holistic side of the festival.  Where ever you go you will find art, yoga, martial arts and meditation. There is also a large array of workshops, talks, and theatre. Wherever you go you will find something to see and do.

The food on offer goes above and beyond festival burgers and Pad Thai. Here you will find The Theatre of Feasts. A stunning banqueting hall made from sustainable materials with a giant bamboo roof. From The Theater of Feasts, you can look out over Pattaya Bay and enjoy food created by some of Asia’s most innovative chefs.

It is rare that a festival will consider every detail. But wonderfruit have and they have done everything while observing a commitment to sustainability and being carbon neutral. There are even biodegradable plates for you to eat your gourmet food.

The next installment of Wonderfruit takes place at The Siam Country Club Pattaya from 14th to 17th December 2017. The line up is slowly being relaesed. Confirmed so far are the legendary DJ talents of Richie Hawtin. With a rare live performance for UK Hip Hop legend Roots Manuva and his full live band. More acts will be announced in the coming months. But in all honesty, I don’t care who is playing. This festival is magical and special. With one of the finest vibes, I have experienced at any festival in the world. Forget about being treated like another customer at European and US festivals. Visit Wonderfruit and experience some magic.

For more information, be sure to check out  Wonderfruit.  We hope to see you there!

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