If you’re a party-goer like me, then this beach festival is for you. To tell you honestly, I don’t remember much of my late nights in Boracay (if you know what I mean) but I’m pretty sure it rocked! With the sand in my hair and the wind on my face, the Laboracay summer festival couldn’t have been any better.

The idea to go on this summer trip was conceived just like any other trip – social media. I first came across La Boracay on an Instagram post made by a friend and I was like – Whoa. I think it’s calling me. After all, I was craving for a little sun and fun at the time and scanning through my Instagram account just made the idea all the more tempting. And so, I went the following year (I’m not much on holding back).

Boracay Pool

As much as I did want to go very soon, La Boracay only happens once a year in the Philippines. It’s a concluding event for the summer that falls on the week of Labor Day (May 1st) thus the name “LABORacay.” The festivities last for around 3 days filled with fun, excitement, partying, and good music. Or at least that’s what my research said – which I later learned to be accurate.

The planning process for Laborcay festival was really fast and easy. I made some plans for the trip, got the tickets, and just flew. I got a few days off from my usual 8 to 5 day job, which I honestly think feels like a lifetime. But kidding aside, preparation is always key. Before leaving for a trip, be sure to settle everything that may require your attention so that you can treat yourself to a 100% worry-free trip. Probably packed enough tank tops and t-shirts to last me two trips.

Upon arriving in Kalibo City (from Manila it should take around 1 hour to get here by plane) I was greeted by a huge crowd of other visitors making their way to Boracay Island. Everyone was cheering and ready for the festival adventure ahead. The entire travel route to the island is not that difficult. The road is quite accommodating and the boat ride is not that long (15-20 minutes). When I stepped foot on the island itself, everything and everyone was bustling around and it’s like all this energy came rushing up and made me want to join them.

White sand beaches, banana boats, jet skis, parasailing, and several other attractions looked really promising. And suddenly, my five-day trip seemed rather short. I really wanted to try everything but of course, my budget won’t be easy to convince. La Boracay is an annual music festival and being an annual thing is a valid excuse for prices to skyrocket. I talked to some people who work and live in the area and they said prices can go up to 3 times than normal. Anyway, awesome getaways can come at a price so que sera sera.

Boracay Island is divided into several stations. I stayed in Station 1. It was kind of crowded but I liked the hype. The place where I stayed, which I recommend to you as well, is Zuzuni Boutique Hotel. I think I paid around $81 dollars a night for a room there – a superb price for a great deal. My room’s balcony had a great view and the hotel’s location is somewhere around the center of Station 1 giving me easy access to both north and south sides. The best part: Eating at Cozina. It’s a Spanish restaurant on the ground floor which offers excellent, mouth-watering Spanish cuisine. It’s a great spot to sit outside on the beach while you eat. Make sure to try the Paella and the churros. Just remembering it makes me want to go back already. Plus, there are other convenient shops on the ground floor too. So, if you’re a backpacker like me and like to travel light, it’s easier to stay in places where you can shop easily in case you forgot to load something on your backpack.

On the first day, I decided to go Scuba Diving. What better way to enjoy the beach than to know its waters, right? And, I did not regret having made this decision. Sometimes really, the world below is more beautiful than the surface. There were lots of colorful tropical fishes and beautifully carved corals that will just leave you in awe. And if you feel a little bit adventurous, you can explore underwater tunnels and caves – I certainly enjoyed it.

The entire duration of my stay was filled with fun, memorable activities. But one of biggest highlights was meeting new friends – a diverse set if I may add. Traveling and adventures, after all, is better enjoyed with good company. And, being with other people gave me some perks. I got to try parasailing and banana boating because I was part of a group (it’s impractical to have to pay the entire thing on your own). So if you’re planning on going it’s nice to be with friends but if you’re traveling alone put in extra effort in getting to know other people. They’re all very nice; you won’t find it hard looking for new acquaintances.

But what’s a music festival without any music? The loudest, grandest events fell on the culminating day, the 1st of May. This year they really rocked it up with great, funky dance music from the best DJs and the partying continued till the sun rose up over the horizon. During La Boracay, many organizations hold events and you have the freedom to go to which one you’d like. I decided to go to HYDRO LABORACAY, an event sponsored by Jose Cuervo Tequila and judging from the sponsor you can probably guess what happened next—lots of dancing, drinking, and partying. It was a night of fun mayhem that’s worth another trip back in itself.

Five days went by so fast and those adventures of mine will definitely last. I can’t wait for the line-up of next year’s La Boracay; it’d probably be even better. The best thing about Boracay is that you never run out of things to do, places to visit, and food to eat. Here I am hoping to come back to this paradise real soon. Hope to bump into you there. xx

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