Let the party start and never end!

There’s a Buzz in the air and people everywhere! We’ve been planning this trip for a few months and finally the last weekend of July has arrived! Driving up to Long Marston Airfield, Stratford on Avon, England, we encountered many more excited festival goers! Everybody was playing loud music, dancing in cars and waving flags from their countries out of the windows.

We approached the airfield and I was surprised at how beautiful the surrounding area was. Mountain ranges and blue skies greeted us along with a massive brigade of police vehicles making sure no one brought any illegal substances or their own alcohol. Even knowing beforehand that bringing your own beverages were against festival rules we thought we could fool the law by hiding our cooler under some blankets in the boot of our car. This didn’t work and we had to dump all of it at the entrance. After trying to salvage some of our ciders we downed two each and then collected our wristband tickets from the admission.

First we found the field where we could set up camp, more like – find a spot and pitch your tent in very close proximity of someone else’s. You became instant friends with anyone also busy struggling with tent poles. We also kinda knew that we weren’t going to use our tents because we weren’t planning on sleeping a lot, so most tents looked a bit crooked and unstable.

More than 50,000 people streamed into the massive festival area where a huge variety of DJ’s and musicians were going to pump up the jam! Girls were wearing short ripped jeans, neon tank tops, funky sneakers or gumboots and loads of glitter. Guys were wearing trendy shorts, sneakers and fortunate for us girls, no shirts! No under 18’s allowed so we knew that this was a place where we could be a little bit inappropriate without worrying about being bad role models.

It’s 5 O’clock on a Friday afternoon and a loud siren starts the harmonious brilliance of the many musical stages that were set up around the festival grounds. We had a choice between lots of different electronic musical vibes and interesting looking tents. With tents shaped like colourful cones and names like “Fantazia Dubstep”, “Godskitchen” and “Global” there were bound to be some chaotic raving going on. We end up in a trance music white-shaded tent with the name “Polysexual” before heading to the Main arena.

We were meeting loads of new people from all over and ended up as one big group of new best friends about 15 meters from the Main stage. The main stage was a huge black box with big screens on either sides, massive speakers and lights! We were jumping and screaming when the main act The Prodigy started to play, going ballistic when they blasted Firestarter through the air. The lights went crazy – strobes, lazer beams and flashing colourful lights filled the air and turned the grassy ground into any raver’s dream!

It’s 2am and all the musical stages are closed, but that doesn’t mean the party is over. It will continue at the camping area. It wasn’t the easiest task finding our tent, in the dark, in a sea full of other two man tents. It seemed like the rule was: “mi casa su casa” – falling in a tent, on a lap or camping chair that was available and didn’t belong to you.

A friend and I got woken up by the heat of the morning sun somewhere on a blanket on the grass next to a blue tent and found ours only 10 meters away. No time to waste we had to get ready for some more partying. But as any frequent dance festival goer will know – showering isn’t an option. Wet wipes, water and minty chewing gum become your best friends. When the only toilet facilities available were rows of about fifty Portaloos (that were flooded and very smelly by this time), you kinda resort to a new found toilet behind a bush.

We devour two bags of potato chips and head back to the festival ground. People are already queuing for beers and ciders – the bar staff couldn’t keep up with the high demand for alcohol and I could hear them praying for the day to be over. We made sure we ordered enough beer for a few hours so that we didn’t have to line up every time we got thirsty.

Theme park rides, pumping music, a lot of hot looking people, Jacuzzis and loads of dancing were part of our day, oh, yes, and drinking…a lot. We were running from tent to tent and danced to the music of some of the best DJs and musicians in the world like Benny Benassi, David Guetta and Pendulum. Everything came to a standstill when Global Gathering treated us to a live air show; thunderous aircrafts were doing aerial tricks while everyone’s hands were in the air shouting.

When our energy levels were a bit low we would grab a quick energy drink and a burger. Dancing all through the night we ended up in the packed “Random concept” electro tent! We were looking at the hot female dancers on stage while stomping our feet to the insane beats of the DJs. We lost some of our friends on the way but knew that wherever everyone was that they were having an absolute blast of a time!

Having not slept at all and still a little plastered we rolled up our tent and started to head back home at 8am. Global Gathering UK was chaotic, dirrrty, sweaty, energetic and extremely crazy! One of the most memorable dancing festivals I’ve ever been to. If you are a dance freak like I am- grab a few friends, pack some wet wipes and deodorant and find a Global Gathering near you! Let the party begin!

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