Electrifying! My experience at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival this year was just smashing good that I’m having a hard time finding the right words to express the excitement.

Well sure I got to taste a little bit of dust and my skin is beyond tan because of the scorching heat, but that’s a given. After all, sacrifices must be made if you are to have a good time, right? And boy do I love my sunburns – a precious (but stingy) reminder of my amazing time there.

If you’re music enthusiast (like me) you definitely want to experience Coachella!!

My friends and I made our way to Indio, California to join the first weekend of Coachella Music and Arts Festival. It was a long drive and the agonizing feeling of having to keep the excitement piped down is just too much. We were so looking forward to attending this event for a couple of years now. And at long last, we finally found the time to go.

Upon reaching the festival site, you can really feel the overwhelming energy that the venue emulates. Sporting our specially-designed Coachella outfits complete with fringe boots, Free For Adventure tank tops and pompom shorts, we felt, and definitely looked, good as gold. Everybody else also had this “boho” vibe and that made the atmosphere all the more interesting. Plus, you’d see these towering sculptures and artworks that are really flashy and it made me think “Wow, so this is Coachella.”.

We looked around, headed south to find a place where we could pitch our tents. We decided to go all cowboy and just camp the nights out for reasons that are just too obvious – we weren’t here to be pampered, we were here to sing and dance our hearts out, drink till we drop, and inhale California breeze.

Think Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, and Lady Gaga! These headliners plus several awesome others were invited this year to take on the Coachella stage. And with all honesty, they did not disappoint us in any way. This year’s set-up, according to veteran chellas we met that weekend, covered a lot more ground. Although that increased the capacity of the venue to hold much larger audiences, the stages were set a bit far from one another thus making it hard for music goers to do some stage-hopping. But then again, we wouldn’t know the difference since this was our first time. And, I kind of liked the set-up; it gave more room so the music from neighboring stages wouldn’t get all mixed up.

Going forward, Coachella offers something for everyone and for every fan.

What I did notice though was that this year’s Coachella heavily used EDM (Electronic Dance Music) which I don’t find particularly surprising with the rapid rise of the genre and all. But what I did find interesting was the large acceptance of the hip-hop and grime genre with Kendrick Lamar and Skepta leading the stages respectively. Well, you’ve got to hand it to them – even I have to admit that their performance deserved two thumbs up!

I’m a big Gaga fan so you may have guessed which stage we spent the most time on. Pop and EDM couldn’t go any better together than what they did with hit renditions of “Telephone” and “Bad Romance.” I expected nothing less from the artist that makes the crowd go gaga every time she performed live. We really enjoyed her high-energy and well-choreographed performance.

With over 200,000 people in attendance, the Coachella was not without fault. It was a bit disheartening having to witness three stoppages in Radiohead’s performance – and it was during the song we really loved too! I saw a lot of people get annoyed by that mishap and I couldn’t blame them, getting a general admission ticket is no chicken feed. And to be stuck with bad PA systems will really get to your nerves. But all is well if it ends well – and it did.

One other thing I found to be really amusing was the Yuma Tent. For several years after it has been installed as part of the festivities, few people know of it (or so I’ve been told). It’s like a secret hideaway that has this discotheque feel. It’s closed off from everything else outside, and you get to experience an intimate party scene (with the place being all cramped up and all). I personally enjoyed our time there. Although I don’t remember much of it because of all the booze I’ve been chugging down but what I do know is that I probably danced the night away – my muscles were all sore the very next day! I just hope I did not embarrass myself.

The 3-day weekend went by in a flash. When you’re out having fun, sore feet and lack of sleep are secondary concerns. I’m just glad I’ve got to make the most out of the experience. On a plus note, I also discovered my love for frosting-covered waffles during this time so it’s definitely worth a trip back again next year – I just hope they’ll still have it. Anyways, can’t wait for next year’s line-up of headliners and for more Coachella fun! I’ll see you there!

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